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I work to advance science translation and inclusion in relevant policy formation through research articles, policy briefs, in-person engagements, presentations, and other communication opportunities. For examples of some current projects please see below and for broader examples of work I help to faciliate through my role as co-lead of the climate working group for DOSI, please see here.

Current work:

Ocean-Climate Nexus in the UNFCCC

Highlighting the importance of the ocean in climate policy and climate negotiations and identifying key data or information sharing gaps through analysis of UNFCCC reports and engagement at UN meetings.


Resultant publication: here 

Science-policy communication

Through presentations and direct engagements with policymakers at international events such as the UN Climate Conferences, I work to translate science to policy makers, while also highlighting new or underreported information. 

Ocean-based Climate Mitigation

Identifying opportunities and risks for proposed ocean-based climate mitigation strategies to enable sustainable future strategies. This is through a multitude of paths including direct research, scientific and policy literature review, and policy engagements


Resultant publication: here 

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