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Written by me: 

The ocean is our greatest climate regulator. It must be a stronger part of climate policy and action. Read more

As an ocean scientist, I see the impacts of climate change every day. Here's what running has taught me about how to move forward. Read more

Some selected written features about my research

2022 Burst of underwater explosions powered Tonga volcano eruption. Nature News.

2022 Explosive Tonga volcano 'surprisingly intact BBC.

2020 First Active Leak of Methane Discovered in Antarctica. The Guardian.

2019 How Flipping Crabs Revealed a Hidden Food Supply in the Ocean Ecosystem. The Globe and Mail.

2019 GNS Science Use Robotic Underwater Vehicle to Research Slow Slip Earthquakes.

2018 Biodiversity Surprises at Bubbly Deep-Sea Cold Seeps Along Cascadia Fault.

2018 Bubble hunters: Ocean scientists count 1,000 methane seeps off Pacific Northwest Coast. NPR.

2017 Methane Munching Microbes. Antarctic Sun

2016 UAF Research Vessel Sikuliaq Visits Nome. The Nome Nugget


Features in Podcasts / Audio Stories:
Secrets of Antarctic Microbes: List @ Our Changing World
The ocean as a climate regulator: Listen @ Ocean Protect
Time to pay attention to our oceans: Listen @ The Detail



COBRA webinar: here
Exploring deep sea oasis: here
Tonga Eruption: here
Seafloor Seeps: here
Exploring by the seat of our pants NatGeo 1: here
Exploring by the seat of our pants NatGeo 2: here

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