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Current Research Projects


Antarctic Subglacial Fluxes

As the climate warms, the Antarctic subglacial environment is changing in dynamic, unpredictable ways. We are working to discover how these changes are impacting the surrounding ocean environment and also improve our observational capabilities of this rapidly changing system. 


The Fate of Gases in the Marine Environment

Coupling biogeochemical, ecological and water column acoustic measurements, we are working to expand our understanding of the fate of gases (from features like seafloor seeps) in the marine environment, and how this impacts ecosystem function. This includes expanding our temporal and spatial scales of understanding and better capturing downstream processes. 


Changing Marine Carbon Cycles

With projects that span the coastal zone, we are exploring how direct human impacts (e.g. physical disturbance and pollution) and climate impacts are changing the rates of carbon sequestration in the marine environment. 


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