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 S E A B R O O K



As a biogeochemist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, I work to understand how interactions on a micro-scale determine how ecosystems form and respond to change. I use this foundation to ask questions across a range of aquatic systems, from deep-sea hydrocarbon seeps to shallow polar seas and tropical coral reefs. Results from my work inform on the vulnerability of key ecosystem functions to future changes, the interactive dynamics between sub-seafloor and surface processes, and the complexities of the evolution of life across disparate habitats.     

As an educator and a communicator, I strive to translate the world of science to excite and encourage the next generation of scientists and inspire climate-positive global change. I teach at the University of Auckland and deliver guest lectures for a broad range of courses. I have given public lectures for museums, schools, and other audiences. I am passionate about working with written, visual, and audio platforms to communicate globally relevant scientific understandings to society.

As we work to navigate unprecedented changes in our environment, climate, and community I hope to use my work to motivate positive changes towards a more sustainable, resilient future.

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